Computer technician onsite service tool and supply list

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If you are a computer technician and you do service calls onsite there are certain things you should always carry with you in your vehicle. Getting to a job and not having a spare power supply or a spare SATA cable can be real pain. Not to mention lost profits on the upsell, and having to drive to a store and over pay for it. The combination of lost time and money will make having all of this stuff well worth it. Some of these items I specify...

Read More review of Irfanview photo editor

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A free program that I have used for many years is Irfanview. It is a powerful photo editor written by a guy named Irfan living in Vienna, Austria. It has been around since 1996 with many upgrades over the years. Once you learn how to use Irfanview you will really come to appreciate it. It is very small in download size weighing in at 1.5mb. It shouldn’t be compared to Photoshop but is still very useful for the average photo manipulation...

Read More review of Logitech Squeezebox Radio Music Player

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One of the best Internet appliances I have found is the Logitech Squeezebox. It is an Internet radio that allows you to stream podcasts, music, and talk radio from all over the world.  It connects using either wireless or a wired connection to your home or office Internet. The fit and finish on the Squeezebox is excellent as well as the sound. It has a “well built” type of feel to it with tactile rubber buttons and knobs.  It is...

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Quit buying cables at Best Buy

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If your local grocery store started selling toothpaste for 5 1/2 times the price you could buy it on the internet, would you keep buying toothpaste at the local store? Probably not  $16 per tube for toothpaste doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Yes you are helping the local economy by buying the $16 toothpaste I understand that.  But there is a tipping point of helping the local economy and hurting your pocketbook economy and you must be...

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Beware of cold calling you – scam alert

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If you were an auto mechanic and someone called you on your phone and claimed there were problems with your car, what would you think about that? Let’s say this person had you walk out to your car and look under the hood. Then over the phone he tried to point things out to you that were in bad shape. Then to top it off (if cars could plug into the internet) he wanted you to allow him to access your car remotely. Sounds like fun...

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