In the past two days I have seen the same infection hit two different computer users. The infection causes a fake message to be displayed on your screen. The message appears to be from the FBI, but when you start to look at it you can easily tell it is fake. The message displays a way for you to send payment using Greendot MoneyPak.

Greendot MoneyPak can be found at Walmart, CVS, Kmart, 7 Eleven, and Walgreens. It is a payment system where you fund a card similar to a credit card. This scam wants you to pay $200 to unblock your computer because you have been identified as a copyright infringer by the FBI.

The infection blocks access to the rest of your computer and even incorporates your built in web cam on the computer to scare you into thinking you are being spied on. The use of MoneyPak is similar to the use of Moneygram, and Western Union in the past to send money to scammers. If you get hit with the FBI MoneyPak infection there are ways to clean yourself up. There are “how to” guides on the INTERNET as long as you have access to another computer to do this.

If you still need help and live in the Grand Rapids area give me a call and I will take care of this infection for you. Typically this costs around the $80-$100 to have removed along with a complete system tune-up.

Below is a picture of a computer that has been infected with the FBI Greendot MoneyPak virus. Notice the small window showing the web cam enabled.

fbi greendot moneypak infection

fbi_greendot_moneypak infection


Ok. I have received phone calls from all over the U.S. about how to remove this virus. In a nutshell hop on a different computer and Google “FBI Greendot removal”. There are quite a few videos and “how to’s” on how to remove this infection. You may need a USB drive so you can gather programs and utilities to walk over to the infected computer.