PogoPlug reviewed by derekscomputer.com

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It’s not often I am impressed with a $25 computer accessory. I have spent the last couple of days with a Pogoplug V2. Pogoplug is a very easy to use backup / personal cloud storage device. You simply hook your external hard drives up to it, hook it up to your network, and then walk through a brief activation at my.pogoplug.com. Once activated you can log on to my.pogoplug.com and get familiar with the web interface. It takes about five...

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To Outlook or not to Outlook

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To Outlook or not to Outlook and the benefits of Gmail. One of the most common problems I see as a computer technician is a user that has been hooked into using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. I say hooked because Outlook is prevalent in the work place and people turn around and think it must be good for home use also. They also get hooked because Outlook Express was installed as an email reader when Windows XP was most popular.  It is a...

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