How to successfully list something on Craigslist

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I browse Craigslist fairly often looking for things that are needed. Craigslist is one of the jewels of the Internet, it is a place you can easily sell something and have it seen by millions of people. While browsing Craigslist I am often dismayed at the lack of common sense when listing an item on Craigslist. This post will attempt to shed some light on what not to do, and what to do when listing an item. The first thing I see is lack of...

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Tips on buying a used laptop

Posted by on Apr 2, 2012 in Blog, computers, helpful website, Technology | 10 comments

Buying a used laptop is a lot like buying a used car. You have to kick the wheels, look under the hood, and take a test drive. I have gathered some thoughts on what you should look for when you buy a used laptop and they can be found below. What brand to buy. I have been asked this question a hundred times and the answer usually is the same. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you want a product with good resale value the...

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Review of

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Think of all of the years of education in the world where the same teaching style has been put in place. Typically kids sit in a classroom, and a teacher teaches about a certain subject. Then at the end of the week there is a test to make sure the subject has been learned. The odds of each kid learning at the same pace are slim to none. Sure there are stopgaps put in place to help those that can’t grasp a subject, but is it really enough?...

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Computer technician onsite service tool and supply list

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If you are a computer technician and you do service calls onsite there are certain things you should always carry with you in your vehicle. Getting to a job and not having a spare power supply or a spare SATA cable can be real pain. Not to mention lost profits on the upsell, and having to drive to a store and over pay for it. The combination of lost time and money will make having all of this stuff well worth it. Some of these items I specify...

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Quickly find your lost cell phone (locally lost)

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You are late for an appointment and you can’t find your stupid cell phone. You know it is inside the house somewhere but you don’t know where. It’s happened to me numerous times and I’ve found a solution that works most of the time.  allows you to quickly hop onto the Internet, and their website will ring your phone. Just type in your cell phone number and it will make it ring, allowing you to...

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