Dereks Computer can help you with a wide range of computer problems. From a non-booting PC to an infected computer.

Computer will not boot

 This could be caused by many things including a bad hard drive, bad power supply, bad motherboard, memory issues, bios settings, corrupted boot files and a whole host of of other things. It could be a simple fix like a loose connection or an unplugged power cord.

Computer freezes up while using it

Common causes are Malware, bad memory, bad hard drive, low disk space, driver problems, operating system issues, and overheating.

Computer makes strange noises

A strange noise from a computer can only be coming from something that is physically moving. These are the components that have moving parts in a desktop computer: Hard drive, CPU fan, Graphic card fan, Power supply fan, Case fans, CD-ROM / DVD – RW drive, and Floppy drive.

On rare occasions motherboards can have leaking capacitors that make noise. The modem and motherboard each have small speakers that could cause noise.

Computer crashes at random

Do you get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), stop error screen, or does it crash to a black screen? You could have a bad hard drive or one that is starting to fail.

Other causes are bad drivers, memory problems, registry issues, bad power supply, or other hardware problems.

Virus / Spyware / Malware / Pop-up Ads

Does your computer show a strange program popping up, or is it redirecting when browsing the internet? You may be infected with a virus or malware. Please click here for more information.

Common Hardware Problems

  • DVD-RW or CD-RW drive not working
  • Computer overheating
  • Computer monitor not functioning
  • Printer not working
  • Mouse or keyboard having problems
  • Network or Internet problems
  • Broken power switch
  • Dead power supply

Common Networking issues

  • Internet Connection Problems
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Computer to Computer

Printer problems

Printer problems can usually be traced to drivers and settings. Another common problem is a network printer no longer printing. Here are some more issues that show up quite often:

  • USB port problems
  • Ink drying up
  • Cabling or Wireless settings
  • Paper jams
  • Network Connectivity issues

Common laptop specific problems I can help you with.

  • Laptop screen replacement / Inverter replacement – If your screen is no longer functioning but the computer is still working and booting up I can either replace the screen or diagnose and replace the inverter.
  • Spilled liquid / dropped laptop / and other oops – Do you need help deciding if the laptop is fixable from a drop, or spill of liquid into the computer?
  • Overheating laptop – Does your laptop overheat?  It could be a bad fan, dust buildup, or a blocked fan intake or exhaust vent. See this page for more information: Computer Cleaning and Optimization.

Computer Upgrades.

  • Memory upgrade – One of the most important upgrades you can do to your computer is upgrading the amount of memory you have. This is especially true if you are running Windows Vista which requires no less than 2gb of system memory. If you have Windows XP then 1gb or more of memory should be used.
  • Hard Drive upgrade – The days of digital home videos and digital pictures is upon us and that means hard drive space is important. If you find yourself running out of disk space it may be time to upgrade your hard drive or add another one.
  • Video card upgrade – Modern games require a lot from your video card and if your computer needs a better video card it may be possible to upgrade.
  • DVD writer upgrade – DVD writers are the norm on any computer these days. If you still only have a CD-RW it would be a good move to upgrade to a DVD+RW. They allow more data per disc, and can be used to back up movies.
  • Power supply upgrade – A good power supply is important if yours is dead, or causing problems with your computer. Also if you are a gamer your video card may require a specific power lead to power the video card.
  • Wireless NIC – Are you sick and tired of wires? If so you can do away with one of them by going wireless with your computer. A wireless gateway router will be required. You can see more information on my page about Networking.
  • Additional USB ports – Nearly every peripheral today uses USB to communicate with your computer. If you are running out of USB ports a USB PCI express, or USB PCI card may be in order.



I charge hourly and depends on the job that needs to be done.  Here are some examples of cost.

Virus /  Malware removal / Complete Tune-Up  / – $80-$100  (more info)

Operating system reinstall – $120

Laptop Power Jack Repair – $100  (more info)

Laptop screen replacement – $170 – $225

Service call – $100 minimum for the first hour $75 per hour after that.

Remote service call – $60 (must have working internet connection and not be infected heavily)

Data Recovery – This depends a lot of how difficult the data is to retrieve and how much data there is. Prices could be as low as $20 for a unsuccessful attempt and as high as $160 for successful retrieving a lot of data. Call for more details. (more info)

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