If you are a computer technician and you do service calls onsite there are certain things you should always carry with you in your vehicle. Getting to a job and not having a spare power supply or a spare SATA cable can be real pain. Not to mention lost profits on the upsell, and having to drive to a store and over pay for it. The combination of lost time and money will make having all of this stuff well worth it.

Some of these items I specify should not be top of the line. If your car gets broken into or the sun turns your car into a 400 degree oven you may lose some of the items. Store all of this in the darkest part of your vehicle so the sun won’t damage them. The hard drives and anything else fragile should be packaged properly to take the abuse of riding in a car. I will tell you that 90% of service calls can be taken care of with a screwdriver and a USB jump drive packed with repair utilities. I have put together a list of items and this is what I’ve come up with.

Molex to SATA adapter splitter (below)


Molex to SATA

2.5″ hard drive SATA (1)

3.5″ hard drive SATA (1)






USB to SATA hard drive caddy (below)


USB to SATA dock



80mm fans (assortment of fans)

Network cards (PCI and PCI Express)

Network cable crimp kit



Thermal Grease (below)


Thermal Grease

PCI Wireless  card

USB Wireless stick






Anti-static bags (below)


Anti-static bag


Large selection of plastic cable ties

Small air compressor or cans of air

5mm nut driver – grind down so wall is thin all around. This is used to tighten stand offs and VGA nuts.




Electronics screwdriver (Wiha 269 PH1 + 4.0 slotted is best)


Wiha screwdriver


USB A to B cable at least 6ft long

HDMI cables at least 8 ft long


Power strip / surge strip (below)


power strip

Network cables many different lengths

Phone cable






Powered USB hub (below)


USB hub

5 port switch

Wireless router

Large paper clips (to open DVD drawer)





USB External hard drive (below)


USB external hard drive


Cheap digital camera

Pen and Notepad




Business cards, lots of cards (below)


Business Card







Small needle nose pliers (Xcelite 378M below)


Xcelite 378m









Small shearcutter (Xcelite 170M below)


Xcelite 170m


Roll of electrical tape

Flashlight with spare batteries

Power supply tester




ATX power supply (below)


ATX Power Supply



SATA and IDE cables

Large selection coarse thread screws for 3.5″ hard drives




Large selection fine thread screws for DVD drives (below)

Assortment of screws

Assortment of screws


Low end PCI-e video card

Operating system discs

USB media card reader

Hot glue gun

Spare DVD Drive

Small solid copper wire

Cheap laptop or netbook

Paper towels and Glass plus cleaner (I’ve found Glass Plus to be the best)


Glass Plus








7 in 1 screwdriver (below)









Lil Chizler plastic scraper spudge tool (below)


Lil Chizzler







USB Jump drive updated with Ketarin top 50 (below)