A hand-built custom computer using the best parts is the way to go if you are looking for a solid, reliable, and fast desktop computer.

When you decide to have a custom computer built it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be more expensive than a Dell, Gateway, or HP. But I will guarantee the parts being used will be of better quality and have better reputations based on real person reviews.

Every component that I use to build a custom computer is scrutinized as having a good reputation in the marketplace. By investigating the reliability of the components you have a much better chance of having a computer that is both reliable and stable. When selecting components for the computer you can pick and choose the ones that are the best, which will then deliver the best performance for your money.

Some benefits of a custom computer:

  • Custom computers can be built using the best parts on the market at the time of building the computer, not parts that were made mainstream 6 months ago.
  • Custom computers can be built to your taste. If you want a quiet computer we can gear the computer towards being quiet. If you want a small computer to fit on your desk we can do that. If you want a cheap basic computer for the kids that can be arranged also.
  • Upgradeable – You can be assured your custom computer can be easily upgraded in the future using standard computer parts. Should you choose another PC maker (ie. HP) there is a possibility that you can not upgrade easily.

The first step is to sit down and decide a budget, and for me to find out what the custom computer will be mainly used for. If you are looking for a budget computer we can do that, or if you want to go all out and have an incredible gaming machine we can do that as well.

Most custom computers do not include a monitor, keyboard or mouse. If needed I can obtain those items for you.

Here are some things we will have to decide if you want a custom computer:

  1. Computer Case РOne of the best things about having a custom computer built is the ability to pick out what the computer case looks like. There are thousands of different styles and colors to choose from. To get an idea take a look at this web site. Things to consider are front inputs, color, windows, lights, ventilation, and size.
  2. Processor – Processor speed for your custom computer will be related to how much your budget is. The faster and newest processors are also the most expensive. You can choose between AMD and Intel for the brand. Average processor speed right now is in between 2ghz-4ghz using a dual / quad core chip.
  3. Memory – Memory is fairly inexpensive these days, I recommend at least 2gb of memory in any computer. If you plan on using Windows Vista I recommend at least 3gb of memory. Windows 7 seems to run fine on 2gb but 4-8gb would be best.
  4. Video Card – A good video card is necessary if you plan on using your new custom computer for gaming or other video intensive use. If you are on a budget we can always opt for a cheaper video card, or as a last resort we can order a motherboard with on-board video.
  5. Motherboard – The motherboard is what ties everything together with your computer. It is probably the most important component. Choosing a good motherboard is important because not only does it need to be compatible with everything else, it must be reliable and have a good reputation as being stable.
  6. Power Supply – A good power supply is needed for a reliable and long lasting computer. A gaming computer will need one with more power output than a budget computer would need.Again your budget will determine what power supply is best for you.
  7. Optical – All computers sold today come with a DVD-RW optical drive.These drives allow you to burn cd’s and DVD’s as well as read all of the most common forms of media on disc. If you are on a budget we can get by with one of them. But having two of them will not increase the cost much, and may be beneficial someday for you. Blu-Ray is also an option here.
  8. Hard Drive – Having a large hard drive is important so that you can store as much data as you would like. Almost everyone today has a digital camera, and digital video camera use is always growing. What that means is people need lots of storage on their computers. A 500gb -1Tb hard drive is average size. Having a large hard drive is beneficial for other reason such as storing movies, music, and documents. 1tb drive would be best and would not cost too much more.

Call me today if you are interested in building a custom computer.

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