I needed to initiate a warranty repair of a Lenovo laptop and this is a post about my experience. I recently had a customer come in with a Lenovo laptop and his keyboard had stopped working when using the letters “T” and “Y” the laptop was under warranty and all I need to do is get a new keyboard sent to me from Lenovo.




I phoned customer support at 1-800-426-7378 for the Thinkpad laptops. There was a brief phone menu I had to go through, and then I was talking to a live support representative. This person was speaking English and I could easily understand them. They asked me the type and serial number of the laptop and then I was passed onto another department to verify warranty status. When I got there they told me that their computer system was down and that they would call me back as soon as possible to verify the warranty.

I waited about an hour which is what they mentioned it would take. I received a phone call  back and they verified the warranty. They gave me a choice of having a keyboard sent out or Depot service shipping them the laptop and possibly waiting 6 days to get it back. I choose for them to send the keyboard to me and I would install it. They also stated that it would arrive in about two days.

All in all I was impressed with the customer support at Lenovo. I didn’t have to speak to anyone in India, so I knew that there was someone in the US that had a job because of Lenovo. It was nice to hear that the support call was routed to a US location, I forgot the city it went to. There was very little wait time on the phone and they were up front with me about their computer system being down. I received the call back like they said they would. I would recommend Lenovo because of their support I had a good experience.  I also would recommend a Thinkpad for a laptop, they are well built with many great features.


The replacement keyboard arrived next day rather than the two business days Lenovo mentioned over the phone. The shipment originated in Carlisle, PA and was shipped to Grand Rapids, MI.