One of the best Internet appliances I have found is the Logitech Squeezebox. It is an Internet radio that allows you to stream podcasts, music, and talk radio from all over the world.  It connects using either wireless or a wired connection to your home or office Internet.

logitech_squeezeboxThe fit and finish on the Squeezebox is excellent as well as the sound. It has a “well built” type of feel to it with tactile rubber buttons and knobs.  It is relatively small and can easily fit on a night stand. Logitech has made an easy to use Internet radio player that is a good fit for anyone. The Squeezebox is a alarm clock on steroids, it has many different features which we’ll go over next.



  • Alarm clock – Lets get this out of the way first, yes it has a built in 7 day alarm clock allowing you to wake to whatever you want. The choices are Internet radio, gently strumming guitars, birds chirping, or your own play list that you configure. The list goes on and on for what to wake up to. It has an auto dimming feature for the LCD, and a gentle volume in so you won’t be startled from a dead sleep.
  •  Internet Radio – Radio, radio, and more radio. If you can’t find something you like on the Squeezebox then there must be something wrong with you. Every genre, every taste of music, can all be found if you look hard enough.
  • Podcast – I listen to computer repair podcasts quite a bit on it. Every subject you can think about can be found on the Squeezebox. You can easily add podcasts using the website. As soon as you add a podcast it will sync to your Squeezebox and you will be able to listen to it.
  • Premium sound – The Squeezebox is a bit expensive for an alarm clock. But the quality of the product must be taken into consideration. The sound that the player produces is good. Logitech did not take the cheap route when it came to speakers and hardware. It should be compared to the counter top units from Bose not a $9.99 Emerson alarm clock from Walmart.
  • Other features include a line-in for Ipod connection, color lcd display, and the ability to connect to Facebook and recommend music to your friends.

The cost of the Squeezebox is a bit high. The cheapest I could find it was on Ebay for $135 shipped (not guaranteed to be there always) Otherwise at it rang up at $149.75 shipped free.