This will be a place for future videos and ones I’ve shot already.

This is the sound of a bad hard drive. It is a 160gb Seagate ST3160812AS. It was failing to boot and was making this horrible chirping noise. I suspect major mechanical problems inside it. Seatools diagnostics immediately told me it had problems. I was able to recover some data off of it even though entire folders were missing including the “Windows” folder which is home to all of the important operating system files.

This is a Toshiba model MK3021GAS laptop hard drive that went bad. The operating system failed to load, and Drive Fitness Test failed the hard drive as well. SMART onboard diagnostics on the drive also alerted that drive was failing.

This video is the repair procedure for a Compaq Presario 2700 (2710US) laptop. If you have a Compaq Presario 2700 or similar model and it is overheating and the fan is running full throttle you are the beneficiary of a Compaq design flaw. The posts break off, and the heat sink pulls away from the motherboard. The CPU overheats and crashes the computer.

To repair you will need to add more fresh solder, and re-solder back on. A normal soldering iron does not have the heat to do this, at least in my case it did not. In this video you will see me use a 5/16 piece of solid copper round stock and a torch to re-solder the post’s back on the motherboard.

Don’t even think about attempting this if you have no experience with 1. Soldering 2. torches 3. scalding hot pieces of metal 4. fire extinguishing… I made sure to see the solder flow and everything turned out great. You need to tin the contact pads before the final soldering.