You know sometimes Google really over over complicates things. For a company that does so much good when it comes to the web they really mess the simple things up. Today I created a Youtube account and then forgot I already had one. I figured out how to link the two of them together no problem, but when I went to try and link them together I got the dreaded

” This Google Account is already linked to a YouTube account.

Please sign into a different Google Account or create a new one. “

So you can’t have two accounts, I get that. So let’s go back and delete the account I just created.  I research how and it is basically

  1. Sign in to your Youtube account
  2. Click your name up in the top right hand corner.
  3. Click Settings (I’m guessing Youtube settings, not Google settings… Who the F knows)
  4. Make sure you are in Overview
  5. Click Advanced by your e-mail name
  6. You should now see “Close your account” button

Well it’s not there. It simply is not there.  This is what I have:


Channel settings

Channel URL:   custom URL  < — Link
Create a username for this channel and hide the Google Profile information associated with it.  Create username  <– Link

YouTube User ID: xvxcvxvcvxvxvxvxvxvxvxxvvx
Authorized sites to your Google account <— Link

Sign out of all YouTube sessions < — Link










There is a ton of chatter about this problem all over the Internet. I’ve come to the conclusion Google simply does not want anything closed down that they have control over. Or they bury it so deep that it makes you want to jump out a window.

If anyone has a solution send me a link.