Dereks Computer can help you set a home or small office network. Whether it is a wired or wireless network I can help.

Networking Benefits

Wired Network

Having multiple computers in your home or office can be a real benefit. Some might say computer networking is the best thing to ever happen to the computer, in fact the internet would not be around today had someone not thought of it.

A small office home office (SOHO) network can be advantageous in many different ways. Connecting computers together can allow the easy transfer of files, meaning there is no need to write cd’s or transfer data to a backup medium to move it to another computer. The main reason most people start a network is to share an internet connection. We will talk more about that a bit later.

Other benefits of a SOHO include the sharing of hardware. If your office can’t afford an expensive printer for every person, you can share the one printer with everyone using your network. If a specific drive needs to be shared with everyone that can be done also, it’s just a matter of setting it up.

Data management and Security can be achieved by having sensitive information housed on one computer. It then can be served to everyone with certain permissions set to maintain security. This also aids in properly backing up the important data from one convenient place.

Internet access for small groups of computers can be shared through a network. This allows the business or home to purchase one Internet Service Connection and then route it through the network to each individual computer.

With a connection to the internet an individual can send and receive email, access web pages, download music, and share other forms of data.

Wireless Router

In the past wired networks were the only network that were used, but today you have the choice between a wired network and a wireless network or a combination of the two.

If you have all of your computers in the same small to medium size room a wired network would work just fine. But if you have computers in different rooms or on different floors you will probably be better served with a wireless network, that is assuming you don’t have a wired infrastructure already. If you can’t decide which is best, wireless is certainly going to overtake wired as the the most popular in the coming years.

Wireless networks use radio waves to transmit data from one node or computer to another. In a SOHO network a wireless router is used to manage all of the connections. The wireless router can be thought of as the train station of your network. It allows you access, sends traffic to the correct person, and helps out with security. The router has many functions but it is there mainly to make sure everyone gets their data that they asked for. Whether that data be from the internet or from another computer in the SOHO, the router takes care of it all.

For an all wireless network every computer must have a wireless card or wireless ability in order to work on the network. Almost all laptops sold today have wireless built in. On the other hand most Desktop computers do not have wireless built in. Wireless routers usually have wired ports on the back to facilitate any computers that wish to connect with a CAT5 or CAT6 network cable.

Do you need help with home office or small office networking?

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I charge hourly and depends on the job that needs to be done.  Here are some examples of cost.

Virus /  Malware removal / Complete Tune-Up  / – $80-$100  (more info)

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Laptop Power Jack Repair – $100  (more info)

Laptop screen replacement – $170 – $225

Service call – $100 minimum for the first hour $75 per hour after that.

Remote service call – $60 (must have working internet connection and not be infected heavily)

Data Recovery – This depends a lot of how difficult the data is to retrieve and how much data there is. Prices could be as low as $20 for a unsuccesful attempt and as high as $160 for successful retrieving a lot of data. Call for more details. (more info)

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