Installing and maintaining security cameras and their data used to involve expensive cameras and some form of tape drive to record the feed. A lot has changed for the better and today the cameras are not expensive, and the storage of data is all digital. 

Security cameras today use IP (Internet Protocol) to deliver data to computers, smart phones, network attached storage or a cloud based data storage service. The cameras can be either wireless or wired to connect to your network. Setting up a camera system is quite involved. It usually starts with configuring each camera, installing the cameras, configuring your Internet Gateway, and then configuring your data storage unit.


Typical cost for a camera system can vary widely depending on how much labor is involved and hardware needed. I use and recommend Foscam cameras. I’ve found them to be the most affordable yet have a decent level of quality and community behind them.

Synology NAS

Synology NAS

 like to store alert images to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit on the network.  Synology brand is well known and they have an excellent reputation. A dedicated Network Video Recorder (NVR) would also be something to consider as it is designed specifically for surveillance. NVR units are typically a bit more expensive than a NAS, but come prepackaged with software dedicated for capturing surveillance data.

Another option to record is to a client computer running special software such as SightHound. Sighthound Video is surveillance software for homes and businesses that has been trained to recognize people and objects in the same way that a human brain works. Sighthound does require a one time license.

The beauty of digital IP cameras is that the data can be transmitted over the Internet natively. It does not need to be converted to digital form because it is digital to begin with. This means you can monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world from a smart phone, tablet, or a computer.

D-Link NVR

D-Link NVR

There are many smart phone apps that will allow you to log in and view your cameras.  The app you end up using will depend on your setup and what you have in place. It may be the app associated with your NVR, or it may be a stand alone app if all you have are live cameras and no recording is taking place.

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