It may not be enough to simply import your .wab from Outlook Express into Windows Live Mail (WLM). The problem being Outlook Express saves a persons name as “name” and not “first name” and then “last name.” Windows Live mail may not auto fill correctly when you type in a persons name.

Here is how you fix it.

1.  Assuming you have your .wab (Windows address book) already copied and moved over to your new computer running Windows Live Mail. If not copy the .wab from your XP computer and put it on your new computer. (see TIP below)

2.  Double click the .wab file and and it will alert you that it is going to Import your contacts. It will put them in your Contacts folder.

3.  Browse to your Contacts folder located in your User profile folder. Open it up and you will see all of your separate contacts in .contact form.

4.  Select them all (Control + A) once you’ve selected them all find the export option. It is there just look for it. It may be behind an arrow on a toolbar.

5.  Export them as a .csv file. Now go slow and make sure first name and last name are check marked when you export to .csv Make sure you browse and place the .csv file where you can find it. Maybe put it in your contacts folder or Documents folder.

6.  Ok now you have a .csv file that is ready for importing into Windows Live Mail. If you’ve already imported your .wab into Live Mail and you are not happy with the results I would delete all your contacts from WLM and then the final step would be to import your .csv you just created.

This should give you better results on the auto fill feature inside Windows Live Mail. WLM will now know the first and last name of the contact you want to email. Don’t forget to back up (export) your contacts, messages, and account info on a regular basis. Don’t backup to your computer, backup offsite or to a external hard drive.

TIP:  In Windows XP the windows address book (.wab) is located in C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Application Data\Address Book. You will need to unhide hidden files to see this location.

For the record I do not recommend Windows Live Mail or any email program that resides on your computer. Gmail is where email is at right now. With Gmail there is no need to back up and it is mobile friendly.