Owning a computer is a lot like owning an automobile. If you take care of your automobile with regular maintenance it will continue to get you from point A to point B. The same thing can be said about a computer. If you maintain it with regular maintenance it should give you years of service.


Maintaining a computer consists of keeping it clean among other things. As you can see in the picture to the left computers are excellent dust collectors. All computers have fans which blow hot air out of the computer. When air is being exhausted there has to be an intake of air, and that is where dust comes into play.

Dusty Computer

Any dust in the air near a computer has a chance of being drawn into the computer, and once inside it usually finds a home. Dust collects on fans, air intakes vents, and exhaust vents. That in turn prevents the flow of cool air into the computer and over heat sinks which keep components cool.

What this means is over time dust will make your computer run hotter and thus shorten it’s life. Heat is the number one killer of computers and its components. Regular inspections and blowing out dust can dramatically increase the life of your computer.


Besides cleaning the dust out of your computer there are other things that can help keep it optimized. These all have to do with the operating system, which is usually Microsoft Windows in a PC.

I have over 100 optimization tweaks that will help your computer run faster and more efficient. Some of these are pretty common like defragmenting the hard drive and cleaning out temporary files. But a lot of them are more in depth and require a bit more work to perform.

Computer Upgrades

There may come a time when the computer you have now may not be as fast as you would like. There are things you can do to upgrade a computer in order to make it run faster.

Here is a brief list of things we can upgrade on most computers.


By far the easiest thing to upgrade on a computer is the system memory. I will need to know the make and model of your computer, I will then be able to determine what the maximum amount it can accept. Once I have that figured out I can recommend a memory upgrade.

Hard Drive

If you find yourself running out of hard drive space to store your important music, photos, or videos I can help. We can install a larger hard drive fairly easily.

Video Card

Most desktop computers are not meant for gaming. Should you find yourself wanting to do more gaming, or high end video editing we may be able to upgrade your video card.


I charge hourly and depends on the job that needs to be done.  Here are some examples of cost.

Virus /  Malware removal / Complete Tune-Up  / – $80-$100  (more info)

Operating system reinstall – $120

Laptop Power Jack Repair – $100  (more info)

Laptop screen replacement – $170 – $225

Service call – $100 minimum for the first hour $75 per hour after that.

Remote service call – $60 (must have working internet connection and not be infected heavily)

Data Recovery – This depends a lot of how difficult the data is to retrieve and how much data there is. Prices could be as low as $20 for a unsuccesful attempt and as high as $160 for successful retrieving a lot of data. Call for more details. (more info)

Call and ask for Derek @ 616.813.3685 or E-mail me at derek@derekscomputer.com

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