If you receive a letter in the mail that advertises a free Android tablet computer, it is a scam. The letter states you can keep the Android tablet after you answer a short list of questions about the tablet.

What this company is trying to do is harvest data about you. They more than likely will try to up sell you to a different Android tablet or a vacation package or some other shit. If you say no they will disqualify you from receiving the tablet in the first place.

Don’t waste your time with this, you will be sorry you did. Always Google something before pursuing it.

More details about the letter:

T.J. Johnson and Associates P.O. Box 1588 Whitehouse, TX 75791

Signed by Claire Williams Vice President of product Research

phone – 888-312-628

www.giftsbymonet.com <— Google them, ton of scam info on ripoffreport.com

TJ Johnson and associates scam letter