We take for granted the data on our computers, thinking it will always be there when we boot our computer up or go to access the files. But what happens when we accidentally delete something or our hard drive starts acting up?

The answer is that most of the time that file or group of files are recoverable. I use a multitude of software data recovery programs to attempt to recover your data. I also have a hard drive analysis / refurbish program meant to examine the drive and attempt to recover corrupted areas of the drive which contain your files.

If you accidentally deleted something on your computer I can attempt to get it back for you. I offer Data Recovery for most laptops and desktop computers.

It is a time consuming task trying to recover data, and dropping your computer off would be best. But I will do onsite service as well, but at a higher rate.

These are the types of files I can attempt to recover:

Photos  TIF – Tagged Image File Format | PNG – Portable Network Graphics | JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group | GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
Music  MP3 – MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 | WMA – Windows Media Audio | AAC / MP4 – Advanced Audio Coding (Apple) |  OGG – Ogg Vorbis Open source compression format
Text documents  TXT – Text file | RTF – Rich Text File |  DOC – Microsoft text document  | HTML – Hypertext Markup Language
Office Files  PPT – Power Point | XLS – Excel | PST – Outlook contacts and email | WPS – Microsoft Works


If you fail to see a file format above that you need to recover chances are I can recover it. The key is to stop using the computer as fast as possible. I talk more about that below.

 What to do if you lose a file or accidentally delete something.

If you accidentally format a drive or delete a file you should immediately shut down your computer. Even pulling the power plug on the computer rather than normal shutdown is recommended in this case.

What you should not do is continue using the computer. When you delete a file it really does not get deleted it simply gets taken out of the directory structure and the link to the file gets erased. By pulling the plug on your computer you cause the hard drive to park it’s read / write heads rather than a traditional shutdown where your operating system takes stock of changes and system settings and then writes them to the disk. This prevents the possibility of data getting written over the data that you want to recover.

 Do you need data recovered?

If you need data recovered you can drop off your computer or hard drive and have it back in 24 hours. I will need a backup hard drive to store any files that are recovered. Or I can write the recovered files to a DVD at a cost of $5 per DVD.

If you have a massive amounts of data the DVD option is not going to work. The best bet would be an external hard drive that you provide. You can then use the external drive in the future for backing up your data. The average price for data recovery is $70-$140 depending on how much data needs to be recovered.

If you would like to ship me your hard drive for the data recovery that can be arranged also. A shipping charge will be added to the price ($8 is average). Please email me explaining your lost data problem.

I also offer a hard drive erase service for as little as $10 per drive. This is beneficial when you wish to donate a PC or sell your old one.


Data Recovery – This depends a lot of how difficult the data is to retrieve and how much data there is. Prices could be as low as $20 for a unsuccesful attempt and as high as $160 for successful retrieving a lot of data. Call for more details. (more info)

Call and ask for Derek @ 616.813.3685 or E-mail me at derek@derekscomputer.com

I service the entire Grand Rapids Michigan area including: Jenison | Hudsonville | Grandville | Wyoming | Byron Center | Cascade | Kentwood | East Grand Rapids | Rockford | Comstock Park | Walker | Marne